A Lenten Prayer Called the Passion

Dear Lord Jesus,

by Your Passion and Resurrection

You brought life to the world.

But the glory of the Resurrection

came only after the sufferings of the Passion.

You laid down Your life willingly

and gave up everything for us.

Your body was broken and fastened to a Cross,

Your clothing became the prize of soldiers,

your blood ebbed slowly but surely away,

and Your Mother was entrusted to the beloved disciple.

Stretched out on the Cross,

deprived of all earthly possessions and human aid,

You cried out to Your Father that the end had come.

You had accomplished the work given You,

and You committed into His hands,

as a perfect gift,

the little life that remained to You.

Lord, teach me to accept all afflictions

after the example You have given.

Let me place my death in Yours

and my weakness in Your abandonment,

Take hold of me with Your love,

that same foolish love that knew no limits,

and let me offer myself to the Father

with You so that I may rise with You to eternal life.

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