A Petition Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus # 1

O Sacred Heart of Jesus,

I fly, I come to Thee,

throwing myself into the arms of Thy tender mercy.

Thou art my sure refuge,

my unfailing and only hope.

Thou has a remedy for all my evils,

relief for all my miseries,

reparation for all my faults,

Thou canst supply for what is wanting in me

in order to obtain fully the graces

that I ask for myself and others.

Thou art for me,

and for us all,

the infallible,

inexhaustible source of light,

of strength, of perseverance,

peace and consolation.

I am certain that my importunity will never weary Thee;

certain, too, that Thou wilt never cease to aid,

to protect, to love me,

because Thy love for me,

O Divine Heart, is infinite.

Have mercy on me then, O Heart of Jesus,

and on all that I recommend to Thee,

according to Thy own mercy,

and do with us, for us, and in us,

whatsoever Thou will,

for we abandon ourselves to Thee with the full,

entire confidence and conviction

that Thou will never abandon us either in time or eternity.


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