A Prayer Before Mass (wednesday) (by Saint Ambrose)

Mindful then, O Lord,

of Thy worshipful Passion,

I approach Thine Altar,

sinner though I am,

to join in the offering unto Thee

that Sacrifice which Thou hast instituted and commanded

to be offered in remembrance of Thee for our well-being.

Receive it, I beseech Thee,

O God most High,

for Thy holy Church,

and for the people whom Thou hast purchased with Thine own Blood.

Let not, through my unworthiness,

the price of their salvation be wasted,

whose saving Victim and Redemption Thou didst Thyself vouchsafe to be.

Also behold in pity, O Lord,

the sorrows of Thy people,

which I bring before Thee;

the perils of Thy servants;

the sorrowful sighing of prisoners;

the miseries of widows and orphans,

and all that are desolate and bereaved;

the necessities of strangers and travellers;

the helplessness and sadness of the weak and sickly;

the depressions of the languishing;

the weakness of the aged and of children;

the trials and aspirations of young men;

and the vows of virgins.


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