A Prayer for Priests

Divine Saviour, Jesus Christ,

Who have entrusted your work of redemption to the priests,

Who take your place on earth,

I offer You,

through the hands of Your most holy Mother,

for the sanctification of Your priests

and future priests this whole day,

all my prayers, works, joys, sacrifices and sufferings.

Give us saintly priests.

Grant to them apostolic hearts,

filled with love for You

and all the souls belonging to You, so that,

being themselves sanctified in You,

they may sanctify us who are entrusted to their care

and bring us safely into Heaven.

Loving Jesus,

bless all their priestly work and sacrifice.

Bless all their prayers and words at the altar

and in the confessional,

in the pulpit,

in the school and at the sickbed.

Call many young men to the priesthood and the monastic life.

Protect and sanctify all who will become Your priests.

And grant to the souls of the priests

who have departed this life, eternal rest.

And do you, Mary, Mother of all priests,

take them under your special protection

and lead them ever to the highest priestly sanctity.

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