A Prayer for Surviving Friends

Grant, O Lord, we beseech Thee,

that while we lament the departure of Thy servant,

we may always remember that

we are most certainly to follow him.

Give us grace to prepare for the last hour

by a good and holy life,

that we may not be taken unprepared by sudden death,

but may be ever on the watch, that,

when Thou shalt call,

we may go forth to meet the Bridegroom,

and enter with Him into glory everlasting.

Through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.


O most wise and merciful Lord,

Who hast ordained this life

as a passage to the future,

confining our repentance to the time of our pilgrimage here,

and reserving for hereafter the state of punishment and reward;

vouchsafee to us who are yet alive,

and have still the opportunity to reconciliation with Thee,

the grace so to watch over all our actions,

and to correct every slightest wandering

from the true way of heaven,

that we may not be surprised with our sins uncancelled,

or our duties unfulfilled;

but when our bodies shall go down in the grave,

our souls may ascend to Thee,

and dwell with Thee forever

in the mansions of eternal bliss.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord and only Saviour.


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