A Prayer to the Blessed Virgin

much recommended by the holy Priest J.M. Vianney, commonly called the Curé of Ars.

Thou, Most Holy Virgin,

who dost evermore stand before the throne

of the Most Holy Trinity,

and to whom it is granted at all times

to pray for us to the most beloved Son,

pray for me in all my necessities;

help me, combat for me, give thanks for me,

and obtain for me pardon of all my sins;

help me especially at my last hour,

and, when I can no longer

give any sign of the use of reason,

then do thou encourage me,

make the sign of the cross for me,

sprinkle me with holy water,

and fight for me against the enemy.

Make in my name a profession of faith;

favour me with a testimony of my salvation,

and never let me despair of the mercy of God.

Help me to overcome the wicked enemy;

and when I can no longer say,

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

I place my soul in your hands,

say it for me;

and when I can no longer hear

human words of consolation,

then do thou comfort me.

Leave me not before I have been judged;

and if I have to expiate my sins in purgatory,

O pray for me instantly,

earnestly, and admonist my friends

to procure for me a speedy enjoyment

of the blessed sight of God.

Lessen my sufferings,

deliver me speedily,

and conduct my soul into Heaven with thee,

that, united with all the Elect,

I may there bless and praise my God

and thyself for all eternity.


Say three Hail Mary...

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