Act of Adoration # 2

Jesus, my God, I adore You,

here present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar,

where You wait day and night to be our comfort

while we await Your unveiled presence in heaven.

Jesus, my God,

I adore You in all places

where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved

and where sins are committed

against this Sacrament of Love.

Jesus, my God,

I adore You for all time,

past, present and future,

for every soul that ever was,

is or shall be created.

Jesus, my God,

who for us has endured hunger and cold,

labour and fatigue,

I adore You.

Jesus, my God, who for my sake

has deigned to subject Yourself

to the humiliation of temptation,

to the perfidy and defection of friends,

to the scorn of Your enemies,

I adore You.

Jesus, my God, who for us has endured

the buffeting of Your passion,

the scourging, the crowning with thorns,

the heavy weight of the cross,

I adore You.

Jesus, my God, who,

for my salvation and that of all mankind,

was cruelly nailed to the cross

and hung there for three long hours in bitter agony, I adore You.

Jesus, My God,

who for love of us

did institute this Blessed Sacrament

and offer Yourself daily for the sins of men,

I adore You.

Jesus, my God,

who in Holy Communion became the food of my soul,

I adore You.

Jesus, for You I live.

Jesus, for You I die.

Jesus, I am Yours in life and death.


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