Act of Contrition Before Holy Communion # 1

I desire, O my Saviour,

humbly to offer Thee the sacrifice of a troubled spirit

and a contrite heart.

I grieve from my inmost heart

that I have ever offended Thee by my sins,

Thee my God and my chief good,

Thee who art so gracious to me,

and so oft refreshest me in Thy Blessed Sacrament.

I grieve especially for the sins of

[name(s) of the person(s)]

which Thou knowest,

Thou searcher of our hearts,

and which I, a miserable sinner,

do confess in the bitterness of my soul.

Would that I had never offended Thee!

Yet a contrite and humble heart, O God,

Thou wilt not despise;

Thou who for love of us didst give to us

Thine Only-Begotten Son,

to wash us from our sins in His own Blood.


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