Act of Contrition

O Lord Jesus, lover of our souls, who, for the great love with which You loved us, willed not the death of a sinner, but rahter that he should be converted and live, I grieve from the bottom of my heart that I offended You, my most loving Father and Redeemer, to whom all sin is infinitely displeasing, who so loved that You she Your blood for me, and endured the bitter torments of a most cruel death. O my God, my inifinite Goodness, would that I never offended You. Pardon me, O Lord Jesus, as I most humbly implore Your mercy. Have pity on a sinner for whom Your blood pleads before the face of the Father.

O merciful and forgiving Lord, for the love of Your, I forgive all who have ever offended me. I firmly resolve to forsake and flee from all sins, and to avoid the occasions of them, to confess, in bitterness of spirit, all those sins which I committed against Your divine goodness, and to Love You, O my God, for Your own sake, above all things and for ever. Grant me grace so to do, most gracious Lord Jesus.


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