Act of Faith #2

O my God,

who are infallible Truth

and can neither deceive nor be deceived,

I firmly believe all that you have revealed

and propose to my belief through your holy Church,

because you have revealed it.

I believe that you are one in nature

and three in Persons:

the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

I believe that you are the Creator of all things

and that you reward the just

for all eternity in heaven

and punish the wicked

for all eternity in hell.

I believe that Jesus Christ is

the Son of God made man,

that he suffered and died for my sins

and rose from the dead in glory,

and that it is only in him

through the Holy Spirit

that eternal life is given to men.

I believe in fine all that your holy Church believes.

I thank you for having called me

to the true faith,

and I affirm that with the help of your grace

I will live and die in the holy faith.


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