Act of Faith (Authorized for use in Ireland)

O my God!

I firmly believe that Thou art one only God,

the Creator and Sovereign Lord of heaven and earth,

infinitely great and infinitely good.

I firmly believe that in Thee,

one only God,

there are three divine Persons,

really distinct and equal in all things,

the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

I firmly believe that God the Son,

the second Person of the most Holy Trinity, became man:

that He was conceived by the Holy Ghost,

born of the Virgin Mary;

that He suffered and died on a cross,

to redeem and save us;

that He rose the third day from the dead;

that He ascended into heaven;

that He will come at the end of the world to judge mankind;

that He will reward the good with eternal happiness,

and condemn the wicked to the everlasting pains of hell.

I believe these and all other articles

with the holy Roman Catholic Church proposes to our belief,

because Thou, my God,

the infallible Truth, as revealed them;

and Thou hast commanded us to hear the Church,

which is the pillar and the ground of truth.

In this faith I am firmly resolved by Thy holy grace to live and die.


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