Act of Humility before Holy Communion #2

He comes to me who is the Judge of the living and the dead.

Before Him the pillars of heaven tremble,

and the pure angels veil their faces with their wings.

Whither shall I flee from His face?

Two places are safe for me,

the depths of my misery

and the Heart of my Judge.

In them will I hide myself.

O my God,

I detest all the sins of my whole life

because they displease Thee,

and especially I am sorry for those

which I have committed against this sacrament,

by my irreverence and the little profit

I have drawn from so many communions,

by my negligence in guarding my senses,

particularly my tongue,

which has been so often consecrated by Thy Divine Presence.

My Lord and my God,

what confusion I feel at beholding myself so unworthy

to approach Thy holy table.

Suffer me, dear Jesus,

to seek the remedy for my evils

in the wound of Thy sacred Heart.

Let Thy sacred Heart be to me

as the burning coal which purified the lips of Isaias;

place it, all inflamed with charity,

I beseech Thee, dear Lord,

on my heart, my tongue, my senses,

and all the powers of my soul,

so that it may burn and annihilate

all this is displeasing to Thee.

Jesus, Jesus be to me Jesus, and save me.

Remember Thou hast said,

"The Son of man is come to seek

and to save that which was lost" (Luke xix, 10).

They that in health need not a physician,

but they that are sick.

I am not come to call the just but sinners (Matt ix, 13)."

Dear Lord, I am sick,

I am sinful, as Thou knowest;

come to me and say,

I am thy salvation (Psalm xxxiv, 3).

Grant me, O Lord,

the grace of beginning a new,

a fervent life,

and deign to give me in this holy sacrament

the pledge of eternal life promised

to those who receive Thee worthily.


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