Act of Thansgiving after Holy Communion #1

How delectable is the sweetness of Thy heavenly Bread!

How admirable is the tranquillity

and how perfect the peace of him who receives Thee,

after the contrite and sincere confession of his sins!

Be Thou blessed a thousand times, my Jesus!

When I was in sin, I was unhappy;

but now not only is my soul at peace,

but I seem to have a foretaste of the peace of paradise!

Ah, how true it is,

that our hearts were made for Thee,

my beloved Lord,

and that they rest only when they rest in Thee!

Therefore do I give Thee thanks

and firmly purpose evermore to avoid sin and its occasions

and to fix my abode in Thy divine Heart,

whence I look for help to love Thee even unto death.


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