Aspiration to the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

Mother of God, remember me.

(Saint Francis Xavier)

O Virgin and Mother,

grant that I may always remember thee.

(Saint Philip Neri)

Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of God,

pray to Jesus for me.

(Saint Philip Neri)

O Lady, grant that Jesus may never cast me off.

(Saint Ephrem)

O Mary, may my heart never cease to love thee,

and my tongue never cease to praise thee.

(Saint Bonaventure)

O Lady, by the love which thou bearest to Jesus,

help me to love Him.

(Saint Bridget)

O Mary, be graciously pleased to make me thy servant.

(Saint Jane de Chantal)

O Mary, I give myself to thee without reserve;

do thou accept and preserve me.

(Saint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi)

O Mary, abandon me not until death.

(Father Spinelli)

Hail, Mary, my Mother.

(Father Francis Brancaccio)

Holy Mary, my Advocate,

pray for me.

(Father Sertorio Caputo)

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