Eastern Sinner's Prayer

O my all-merciful God and Lord,

Jesus Christ, full of pity:

Through Your great love You came down

and became incarnate in order to save everyone.

O Savior, I ask You to save me by Your grace!

If You save anyone because of their works,

that would not be grace but only reward of duty,

but You are compassionate and full of mercy!

You said, O my Christ,

"Whoever believes in Me shall live and never die."

If then, faith in You saves the lost, then save me,

O my God and Creator, for I believe.

Let faith and not my unworthy works be counted to me, O my God,

for You will find no works which could account me righteous.

O Lord, from now on let me love You as intensely as I have loved sin,

and work for You as hard as I once worked for the evil one.

I promise that I will work to do Your will,

my Lord and God, Jesus Christ, all the days of my life and forever more.

Prayer of St. John Chrysostom

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