Evening Prayer #3 - by Saint Antiochus

Evening Prayer to the Son of God

O Only-Begotten Word of the Father,

Jesus Christ,

who alone are perfect:

according to the greatness of your mercy,

do not abandon me, your servant,

but ever rest in my heart.

O Sweet Jesus,

Good Shepherd of Your flock,

deliver me from the attacks of The Enemy.

Do not allow me to become the prey of Satan's evil intent,

even though I have within me the seed of eternal damnation.

Instead, O Lord Jesus Christ,

Adorable God, Holy King,

while I sleep,

protect me by Your Holy spirit,

through Whom You sanctified Your Apostles.

Enlighten my mind by the light of the Holy Gospel,

my soul by the love of Your Cross,

my heart by the purity of Your teaching.

Protect my body by Your sacred passion,

my senses by Your humility,

and awaken me in due time for Your glorification.

For You, above all, are adorable,

together with Your eternal Father,

and the Holy Spirit,

now and ever, and forever.


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