Offering of One's Senses

Lord, sometimes I have a hard time finding something to pray about,

yet the reasons to give You thanks are not lacking.

Aren't there young people whose life's wish is found in these words:

"God, I wish I could see!" or "Lord, I wish I could hear!"

Yet, Lord, I who see, hear, speak with such ease,

often forget to thank You for these gifts which I take for granted.

Today, I thank You for my eyes which see light, colors,

and the faces of those who love me.

I thank You for my hearing

which allows me to enjoy people's voice and music.

I thank You for my voice

which allows me to express my thoughts and innermost feelings.

I thank You also for the sense of smell,

and the sense of touch.

Lord, You have given me the senses.

I now offer them back to You.

Help me to use my senses sensibly,

to see your beauty in the beauty of human faces and bodies,

of flowers and rainbows, of nature and art;

to use my eyes to read what will enrich my mind, ennoble my soul;

to use my ears to listen to your Word

and to what philosophers and scientists have to say

about the mysteries of man, of the universe, of creation,

so that I may better understand myself,

others, and You, the Creator of all things

seen and unseen, known and unknowable;

about the past and the present,

so that I may better understand myself, others, and You;

to use my voice to proclaim the truth

and to spread the joy around me.


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