Offering to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ - All Actions of the Day

Every day of my life belongs to Thee,

O my God,

and every action of my life

should be performed with the pure intention

of honouring Thee alone.

From this moment I offer them

to Thy Sacred Heart,

and by this offering,

I consecrate them without reserve to Thy glory.

What a motive for performing all my actions

with all possible perfection!

Do not permit them,

O my divine Saviour,

to be sullied by any motives

unworthy of Thy Sacred Heart.

I renounce all that could lessen

the merit of my offering.

I renounce all vanity,

self-love and human respect.

Grant, O my God,

that I may begin,

continue and end this day in Thy grace,

and solely from the pure motive

and pleasing and honouring Thee.


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