Prayer at an Abortion Chamber

Father, I come to this place as to a new Calvary,

I wish to stand here with Mary

and those others who stood by the cross of Jesus

the day he sacrificed himself for us sinners.

I firmly believe the sorrowful scene before my eyes

is nothing less than a reenactment of Jesus' suffering and death,

already anticipated in the massacre of the Innocents of Bethlehem

and repeated in the slaughter of the least of his brethren,

the tiny children brought here today to be slain.

Father, I realize I cannot stop the killing of most of these children,

any more than Mary could have stopped the slaying of her Child that fatal day.

But in faith I unite my heart with hers

and humbly adore YOur Divine purpose in allowing such bloodshed.

I offer You the blood of Jesus,

and, mingled with it,

the blood of these little ones,

for their own salvation and for that of their parents,

the abortionist, and our whole generation.

Remember Jesus' own prayer from the cross

with its echo in Mary's heart:

"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

But perhaps the hour has not come for some of them.

Once you told Joseph to take the Child and his mother

far from those seeking the Child's life.

I offer myself to you, as St. Joseph's helper,

ready to do everything I can for my beloved Jesus and Mary

in the person of the child and mother you entrust to my care.

Dear Father, accept my prayer in the name of Jesus.


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