Prayer for Grace After Holy Communion

Grant me Thy grace, most merciful Jesus,

that it may be with me,

and work with me,

and continue with me even to the end.

Grant me ever to will and desire what is most pleasing to Thee.

Let Thy will be mine,

and my will ever perfectly follow Thine,

that so I may neither choose nor reject,

save that Thou choosest and rejectest.

Grant me to die to all that is in the world,

and for love of Thee

to be content to be despised and unknown in this life.

Grant me, above all things,

to rest in Thee,

and to still my heart to perfect peace in Thee.

For Thou art the true peace of the heart,

Thou art its only rest,

and of the Thee there is no rest.

In this peach,

that is in Thy self alone,

my chief and eternal good,

may I lie down and take my rest.


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