Prayer for those Lives I've Touched - F. E. Callaghan

Beloved Shepherd of Souls!

As I tread into the sunset of my life,

I grow anxious for the spiritual welfare of souls

who came to know me.

It grieves me to think

of the offenses they may have committed

because of words or deeds of mine.

I have in mind those who were my close responsibility

as well as those whom I sponsored in Baptism

and whose spiritual condition is no longer known to me.

In Your Merciful Goodness

I now plead for the pardon of the soul

who because of me may have lost Your favour.

humbly I implore You,

let not one of them be lost,

but when they leave this world

may they find glorious entry

into the Kingdom of Heaven!

On behalf of those

who may need to atone for offenses

I may have caused them to commit,

I offer You any infirmities

or sufferings I am to undergo

during the remaining years of my life.

Dear Shepherd of Souls,

grant them life eternal.

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