Prayer in Memory of the Scourging

Jesus, in Thy cruel scourging

in which Thou shed Thy Blood

most painfully and abundantly,

offering it to Thine Eternal Father

in payment for our impatience and our wantonness,

how is it, then,

that we do not curb our wrath and self-love?

Oh! let us henceforth

try to be more patient in our trials,

to cultivate self-control,

and to bear in peace the injuries that men do us.

O Jesus, Thou art the Love and Life of my soul.

I find true peace

and real happiness only in Thy love,

in Thy service,

and in the imitation of Thy virtues.

I offer myself to Thee;

do what Thou willest with me;

henceforth my motto shall be,

"All for Jesus!"

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