Prayer of Parents for Their Children # 1

O Jesus, Lover of Children,

bestow Your Most precious graces

on those whom You have confided to our care.

Increase in them Faith, Hope and Charity.

May Your love lead them to solid piety,

inspiring them with dread for sin,

love of work and an ardent desire

of worthily approaching Your Holy Table.

Preserve in them innocence and purity of heart;

and if they should offend You,

grant them the grace of a prompt and sincere repentance.

From Your Tabernacle watch over them day and night;

protect them in all their ways.

Grant that they may acquire the knowledge

that they need to embrace the state of life

to which You have called them.

Grant us a sincere love,

constant vigilance

and generous devotedness towards them.

Grant us all consolation on earth

and eternal reward in heaven.

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