Prayer of Parents for Their Children # 2

O Lord, omnipotent Father,

we give you thanks for having

given us children.

They are our joy,

and we accept with serenity the worries,

fears and labours which bring us pain.

Help us to live them sincerely.

Through us you gave life to them;

from eternity you knew them and loved them.

Give us wisdom to guide them,

patience to teach them,

vigilance to accustom them

to the good through our example.

Support our love so that we may receive them back

when they have strayed and make them good.

It is often so difficult to understand them,

to be as they would want us to be,

to help them to go on their way.

Grant that they may always see our home

as a haven in their time of need.

Teach us and help us,

O good Father, through the merits of Jesus,

your Son and our Lord.


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