Prayer of Pope John Xxiii O Mary # 2

O Mary,

your name has been on my lips

and in my heart from my early infancy.

When I was a child

I learned to love you as a Mother,

turn to you in danger,

and trust your intercession.

You see in my heart the desire to know the truth,

to practice virtue,

to be prudent and just,

strong and patient,

a brother to all.

O Mary,

help me to keep to my purpose of living

as a faithful disciple of Jesus,

for the building up of the Christian society

and the joy of the holy Catholic Church.

I greet you, Mother,

morning and evening;

I pray to you as I go on my way;

from you I hope for the inspiration

and encouragement that will enable me

to fulfill the sacred promises

of my earthly vocation,

give glory to God,

and win eternal salvation.

O Mary!

Like you in Bethlehem and on Golgotha,

I too wish to stay always close to Jesus.

He is the eternal King of all ages and all peoples.


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