Prayer of Pope Leo Xiii It Is Sweet Music

It is sweet music to the ear to say:

I honour you, O Mother!

It is a sweet song to repeat:

I honour you, O holy Mother!

You are my delight, dear hope, and chaste love,

my strength in all adversities.

If my spirit

that is troubled

and stricken by passions

suffers from the painful burden

of sadness and weeping,

if you see your child overwhelmed by misfortune,

O gracious Virgin Mary,

let me find rest in your motherly embrace.

But alas,

already the last day is quickly approaching.

Banish the demon to the infernal depths,

and stay closer, dear Mother,

to your aged and erring child.

With a gentle touch,

cover the wary pupils

and kindly consign to God

the soul that is returning to him.

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