Prayer of Pope Paul Vi You are Our Mother

O Mary,

look upon the church,

look upon the most responsible members

of the Mystical Body of Christ

gathered about you to thank you

and to celebrate you as their Mystical Mother.

O Mary,

bless the great assembly of the hierarchical church,

which also gives birth to brothers and sisters of Christ,

the firstborn among redeemed humankind.

O Mary,

grant that this church of Christ,

in defining itself,

will acknowledge you as its most chosen mother,

daughter, and sister,

as well as its incomparable model,

its glory, its joy, and its hope.

We ask you now

that we may be made worthy of honouring you

because of who you are

and because of what you do

in the wondrous and loving plan of salvation.

Grant that we may praise you,

O holy Virgin!

O Mary,

look upon us who are your children,

look upon us who are brothers and sisters,

disciples and apostles and continuation of Jesus.

Make us aware of our vocation and our mission;

may we not be unworthy to take on,

in our priesthood,

in our word,

in the offering of our life

for the faithful entrusted to us,

the representation and personification of Christ.

O you who are full of grace,

grant that the priesthood that honours you

may itself also be holy and immaculate.

O Mary,

we pray to you

for our Christian brothers and sisters

who are still separated

from our Catholic family.

See how a glorious group of them

celebrate your cult with fidelity and love.

See also how among another group,

who are so intent on calling themselves Christians,

there now dawns the remembrance

and the veneration of you,

O most holy Lady.

Call these children of yours to the one unity

under your motherly and heavenly aid.

O Mary,

look upon all mankind,

this modern world in which

the Divine Will calls us to live and work.

It is a world that has turned its back

on the light of Christ;

then it fears and bemoans the frightening shadows

that its actions have created on all sides.

May your most human voice,

O most beautiful of virgins,

O most worthy of mothers,

O blessed among women,

invited the world to turn its eyes

toward the life that is the light of man,

toward you who are the precursor-lamp of Christ,

Who is the sole and the highest Light of the world.

Implore for the world

the true understanding of its own existence;

implore for the world

the joy of living as the creation of God

and hence the desire and the capacity

to converse, by prayer, with its Maker,

whose mysterious and blesses image

it reflects within itself.

Implore for the world

the grace to esteem everything as the gift of God

and hence the virtue to work with generosity

and to make use of such gifts wisely and providently.

Implore peace for the world.

Fashion brothers and sisters

out of persons who are so divided.

Guide us to a more ordered and peaceful society.

For those who are suffering,

today there are so many and ever new ones,

afflicted by current misfortunes,

obtain solace;

and for the dead, obtain eternal rest.

Show yourself a mother to us;

this is our prayer,

O clement, O loving,

O sweet Virgin Mary!


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