Prayer of Pope Pius XII - Bend Tenderly Over Our Wounds

Enraptured by the splendor of your heavenly beauty,

and impelled by the anxieties of the world,

we cast ourselves into your arms,

O Immaculate Mother of Jesus and our Mother, Mary,

confident of finding in your most loving heart

appeasement of our ardent desires,

and a safe harbour from the tempests

which beset us on every side.

Though degraded by our faults

and overwhelmed by infinite misery,

we admire and praise the peerless richness

of the sublime gifts with which God has filled you,

above every other mere creature,

from the first moment of your conception

until the day on which,

after your assumption into heaven,

he crowned you Queen of the Universe.

O crystal Fountain of Faith,

bathe our minds with the eternal truths!

O fragrant Lily of All Holiness,

captivate our hearts with your heavenly perfume!

O Conqueress of Evil and Death,

inspire in us a deep horror of sin,

which makes the soul detestable to God

and a slave of hell!

O well-beloved of God,

hear the ardent cry

which rises up from every heart.

Bend tenderly over our aching wounds.

Convert the wicked,

dry the tears of the afflicted and oppressed,

comfort the poor and humble,

quench hatreds, sweeten hardness,

safeguard the flower of purity in youth,

protect the holy church,

make all men feel the attractions of Christian goodness.

In your name,

resounding harmoniously in heaven,

may they recognize that they are brothers,

and that the nations are members of one family,

upon which may there shine forth the sun

of a universal and sincere peace.

Receive, O most sweet Mother,

our humble supplications,

and above all obtain for us that,

one day, happy with you,

we may repeat before your throne that hymn

which today is sung on earth around your altars:

You are all-beautiful, O Mary!

You are the glory,

your are the joy,

your are the honor of our people!


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