Prayer of Pope Pius XII - Vergine Benedicta

Blessed Virgin who, under the title of Repose,

reminds us of the succoring pity

with which your maternal heart is open to your children,

hear our prayer!

Through your powerful intercession, O Mary,

may minds and hearts find repose in abandoning themselves

to the Will of the Heavenly Father,

in the consciousness of their frailty,

in faith in divine promises,

in the hope of eternal blessings,

and in adhering lovingly to your Crucified Jesus

who has made our crosses his own.

If we are protected by you, O Mary,

clam amid earthly perturbation will not be an empty word.

It will be repose for the strong,

watchful against hostile forces;

repose for the pure,

away from worldly corruption.

And as through you we shall have had peace in this life,

so, at the end of our pilgrimage in time,

we shall enjoy peace for ever and ever.


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