Prayer of Pope Pius Xii O Full of Grace

O Mary, "full of grace and blessed among women,"

stretch out the hand of your motherly protection,

we ask you, upon us who gather round

your queenly throne as your handmaidens,

obedient to your command

and resolved with your help

to bring to realization in ourselves and our sisters

the ideals of truth and Christian perfection.

Our eyes are fixed on you in admiration, immaculate Virgin;

you who are loved by the Heavenly Father above all others!

O Virgin Spouse of the Holy Spirit!

Tender Mother of Jesus!

Obtain for us from your Divine Son

the grace to reflect your sublime virtues in our conduct,

according to our age and condition of life.

Grant that we may be spotless and pure

in our thoughts and in our behavior;

gentle, affectionate,

and sympathetic companions to our husbands;

to our children solicitous,

vigilant and wise mothers;

prudent administrators of our homes;

exemplary citizens of our dear country;

faithful daughters of the Church,

ever ready to allow ourselves to be guided

by her in thought and deed.

Help us, loving Mother,

to be truly devoted to the duties of our state of life;

help us make our homes true centers

of spiritual life and active charity,

schools where consciences will be rightly formed,

gardens where every virtue will flourish.

Give us your help that in social and political life

we may be patterns of deep faith,

of consistent and gracious Christian practice,

of incorruptible integrity,

and of well-balance judgment

based upon the solid principles of religion.

Bless these our resolutions

which you have inspired us to make

and the trials you have helped us to bear;

may we with your aid come to see

their abundant fruits in time and in eternity.


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