Prayer of Pope Pius Xii to Mary, Mother of Divine Love

To you, O Mary,

are known all the needs of your people

and of the whole Church.

Mother of Truth and Seat of Wisdom,

dissipate the clouds of error which darken our minds.

Amend the strayings of our hearts

and inspire in us love for truth

and the desire to do good.

Obtain for all people a holy fear of God

so that society may know happiness.

Give us lively faith that we may trust

in those things which are imperishable.

Give us that love which is sealed forever in God.

Obtain for families fidelity, harmony, and peace.

Stir up and confirm in the hearts

of those who govern nations

a clear notion of their responsibility,

and of their duty to foster religion,

morality, and the common good.

And just as your mercy is showered upon souls, O Mary,

may it likewise flow over all those ills

which afflict this people,

and indeed the whole Christian family.

Have pity on the poor, on captives,

on all who bear persecution

for the sake of justice,

or are stricken by misfortune.

Hail, O Mary,

Mother of those who wander here below;

you are our life,

our sweetness,

and our hope.

O Mother of Divine Love,

send down your motherly blessing

on all who pray to you;

send it abundantly and consolingly.


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