Prayer of Pope Pius Xii

Consecration of the Sick to Mary

O kind and good Mother,

whose own soul was pierced by the sword of sorrow,

look upon us while,

in our sickness,

we arraign ourselves beside you

on the Calvary where your Jesus hangs.

Dowered with the high grace of suffering,

and hopeful of fulfilling in our own flesh

what is wanting in our sharing of Christ's passion,

on behalf of his Mystical Body, the Church,

we consecrate to you ourselves and our pain.

We pray that you will place them

on that Altar of the Cross to which Jesus is affixed.

May they be little victims of propitiation for our salvation,

for the salvation of all peoples.

O Mother of Sorrows,

accept this consecration.

Strengthen our hopeful hearts,

that as partakers of Christ's sufferings

we may also share in his comfort now and for evermore.


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