Prayer to Christ in His Passion and Death # 3

Hail, sweet Jesus!

Praise, honor, and glory be to Thee, O Christ,

who of Thine own accord didst embrace death,

and, recommending Thyself to Thy heavenly Father,

bowing down Thy venerable head, didst yield up Thy spirit.

Truly thus giving up Thy life for Thy sheep,

Thou hast shown Thyself to be a good shepherd.

Thou didst die, O only-begotten Son of God.

Thou didst die, O my beloved Saviour, that I might live forever.

O how great hope,

how great confidence have I reposed in Thy death and Thy Blood!

I glorify and praise Thy Holy Name,

acknowledging my infinite obligations to Thee.

O good Jesus,

by Thy bitter death and Passion,

give me grace and pardon.

Give unto the faithful departed rest and life everlasting.


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