Prayer to God the Father # 3 (by Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque)

Eternal Father,

I offer unto Thee the infinite satisfaction

which Jesus rendered to Thy justice

on behalf of sinners upon the tree of the Cross;

and I pray that Thou wouldst make the merits of His Precious Blood

available to all guilty souls

to whom sin has brought death;

may they rise again to the life of grace

and glorify Thee for ever.

Eternal Father,

I offer Thee the fervent devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

in satisfaction for the lukewarmness and cowardice of Thy chosen people,

imploring Thee by the burning love

which made Him suffer death,

that it may please Thee to rekindle their hearts

now so lukewarm in Thy service,

and to set them on fire with Thy love,

that they may love Thee for ever.

Eternal Father,

I offer Thee the submission of Jesus to Thy will,

and I ask of Thee,

through His merits,

the fullness of all grace

and the accomplishment of all Thy holy will.

Blessed be God!

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