Prayer to God the Father #2

O Father of mercies,

from whom cometh all that is good,

I offer my humble petitions unto Thee

through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Thy dearly beloved Son,

our Lord and Redeemer,

in whom Thou art always well pleased

and who loves Thee so much;

vouchsafe to grant me the grace of a lively faith,

a firm hope and an ardent charity toward Thee

and toward my neighbour.

Grant me also the grace to be truly penitent for all my sins

together with a firm purpose of never offending Thee again;

that so I may be enabled to live always

according to Thy divine good-pleasure,

to do Thy most holy will in all things

with a generous and willing heart,

and to persevere in Thy love even to the end of my life.


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