Prayer to Immaculate Mary (by Blessed Father Annibale Di Francia.)

Give me the grace to annihilate my will

before the Will of Your Divine Son

so that the Will of Your Divine Son be mine.

Kindle my heart with Divine Love!

See to it that the purest flame of God's Love

penetrate deeply in my spirit

and rout out my selfishness.

Give me a tender devotion to the Blessed Sacrament

and Your holy Love in order that

I love You as You deserve.

Help me detach perfectly from everything,

creatures, and myself,

renouncing myself and everything to live only in God.

My tender Mother,

obtain for me a deep humility from God,

internal and external humility,

a deep knowledge of myself,

and a spirit of mortification

so that I humble myself before God and creatures.

Help me to have contempt and humiliations loved,

but myself despised.

Mirror of humility

grant me the virtue of humility and obedience.

Grant me the virtue of meekness and sweetness

so that I treat people with kindness,

especially when I meet the ones

against whom I feel repugnance.

Give me a simple, merry, sweet,

gentle, kind, benign, compassionate,

humble and meek heart.

Impetrate for me a profound contrition

and intimate sorrow to make my heart bleed

for my offenses against Your Divine Son.

Grant me a spirit of holy prayer,

the grace of meditating upon the sublime truths of faith,

especially the Passion of Jesus and Your sorrows.

Give me the grace of praying in the occasions of sin.

Grant me a holy recollection,

the grace of being aware of Your holy presence,

and the virtue of silence.

Grant me from God the holy virtue

of spiritual and bodily purity;

as well as purity of conscience through humble,

frequent, and sincere confession,

for the greater glory of God.

Obtain for me a heroic faith along with a loving,

filial confidence in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

and in Your Motherly affection.

Grant me fervent zeal for the glory of God

and the salvation of souls,

letting me perform the duties of my priestly ministry perfectly.

See to it that I celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

and recite the Holy Canonical Hours

with deep recollection and intimate devotion.

My tender Mother,

give me the virtue of fortitude to prevail over myself

through internal and external mortification.

O valiant Lady,

you have conquered hell.

Give me strength to triumph over the devil,

the world, and the flesh.

You are our life and hope,

please grant me holy,

final perseverance in the grace of Your Divine Son.

See to it that I live and die saintly,

and love You in Paradise forever.

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