Prayer to Mary, Queen of the Apostles (by Saint Vincent Pallotti.)

Immaculate Mother of God,

Queen of the Apostles,

we know that God's commandment of love

and our vocation to follow Jesus Christ

impels us to cooperate in the mission of the Church.

Realizing our own weakness,

we entrust the renewal of our personal lives

and our apostolate to your intercession.

We are confident that through God's mercy

and the infinite merits of Jesus Christ,

you, who are our Mother,

will obtain the strength of the Holy Spirit

as you obtained it for the community of the apostles

gathered in the upper room.

Therefore, relying on your maternal intercession,

we resolve from this moment to devote our talents,

learning, material resources,

our health, sickness and trials,

and every gift of nature and grace,

for the greater glory of God

and the salvation of all.

We wish to carry on those activities

which especially promote the catholic apostolate

for the revival of fatih

and love of the people of God

and so bring all men and women

into the faith of Jesus Christ.

And if a time should come

when we have nothing more to offer serviceable to this end,

we will never cease to pray

that there will be one fold

and one shepherd Jesus Christ.

In this way, we hope to enjoy the results

of the apostolate of Jesus Christ

for all eternity.


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