Prayer to Ontain Final Perseverance

Eternal Father,

I humbly adore and thank Thee

for having created me,

and for having redeemed me by means of Jesus Christ.

I thank Thee for having made me a Christian

by giving me the true faith,

and by adopting me for Thy child in holy Baptism.

I thank Thee for having given me

time for repentance after my many sins,

and for having, as I hope,

pardoned all my offenses against Thee.

O Infinite Goodness!

I thank Thee also for having preserved me

from falling again as often as I should have done

if Thou hadst not held me up and saved me.

But my enemies do not cease to fight against me,

nor will they until death,

that they may again have me for their slave;

If Thou dost not keep

and help me continually by Thine assistance,

I shall be wretched enough to lose Thy grace anew.

I therefore pray Thee,

for the love of Jesus Christ,

to grant me holy perseverance till death.

Thy Son Jesus has promised that Thou wilt grant us

whatever we ask for in His name.

By the merits, then of Jesus Christ,

I beg of Thee for myself,

and for all those who are in Thy grace,

the grace of never more being separated from Thy love,

but that we may always love Thee

in this life and in the next.

Mary, Mother of God, pray to Jesus for me.

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