Prayer to Our Lady of Czestochowa # 2

O Mother of God,

Immaculate Mary,

to Thee do I dedicate my body and soul,

all my prayers and deeds,

my joys and sufferings,

all that I am

and all that I have.

With a joyful heart

I surrender myself to Thy love.

To Thee will I devote my services

of my own free will for the salvation of mankind,

and for the help of the Holy Church

whose Mother Thou art.

From now on my only desire is to do all things

with Thee, through Thee, and for Thee.

I know I can accomplish nothing by my own strength,

whereas You can do everything

that is the will of Thy Son,

Our Lord Jesus Christ.

You are always victorious.

Grant, therefore, O Helper of the Faithful,

that my family,

my parish,

and my country

might become in truth

the Kingdom where Thou reignest

in the glorious presence of God the Father,

God the Son,

and God the Holy Spirit,

forever and ever.


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