Prayer to the Shoulder Wound of Our Lord Jesus

O lovable Jesus,

gentle Lamb of God,

in spite of the fact that

I am a sinful, wretched creature,

I adore You

and worship the Wound

caused by the heavy weight of Your Cross,

that burst open Your skin,

uncovered the bones of Your Sacred Shoulder

and on which Your sorrowing Mother Mary

so much sympathized with.

I as well, dear Jesus,

also sympathize with You,

and from the bottom of my heart,

I glorify You,

and thank You

for this painful wound

to Your shoulder

on which You carried your Cross

for my slavaiton.

Ah! for all the sufferings

You deeply expeirenced

that increased the enormous weight

of Your Cross,

I humbly request,

have mercy on me,

a poor sinful creature,

forgive my sins

and conduct me to heaven

by the way of the Cross.

Say the "Hail Mary" 3 times.

Holy Mother,

imprint in my heart the wounds

of the Crucified Jesus Christ.

O Sweet Jesus,

please do not be my Judge,

be my Saviour.

(Saint Bernard asked the Divine Redeemer what was the most painful wound that he suffered and the most unknown by mankind. Jesus responded:

"I had a very deep wound on my shoulder on which I carried my heavy cross. This would was the most painful of all. Most men are unacquainted with it. Honour this wound and I will do everything you ask for.")

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