Self-offering to the Trinity (st. Theresa of Lisieux)

O My God,

in order that I may be a living act of perfect love,

I offer myself as a whole burnt offering

to your tender love.

Consume me continually,

letting my soul overflow

with the floods of infinite tenderness

that are found in you,

so that I may become a martyr

of your love.

let this martyrdom make me ready to appear before you

and at last cause me to expire.

Let my soul cast itself without delay

into the everlasting arms of your merciful love.

O my beleoved,

with every beawt of my heart

I desire to renew this offering

an infinite number of times,

until that day when the shadows shall vanish

and I shall be able to retell my love

in an internal face-to-face with you.


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