Table Blessing for Holy Thursday

Reading: Instructing his friends into the divine mysteries, Jesus, the wisdom of God, prepares a table that gives food to the soul, and mingles for the faithful the cup of the wine of life eternal. Let us all, therefore, draw near the mysterious table, with pure souls let us receive the Bread of Life: Let us remain at the master's side, that we may see how he washes the feet of the disciples and wipes them with a towel, and let us do as we have seen him do, washing one another's feet. For such is the commandment that Christ himself gave to his disciples (Byzantine Matins).


Verse: Come, O faithful, let us enjoy the master's hospitality,


and partake at the table of immortal life in the upper room.

The Lord's Prayer


Lord Jesus Christ,

in your ardent love for Your apostles

You desired to share the Passover meal with them

on the night before You suffered.

During the course of that meal,

You instituted the sacrament of the Eucharist

where You offered to us Your own Body and Blood

as bread and wine to nourish our souls.

Send Your blessings upon this table

and all those who partake of it.

Nourish us with the Bread of Life,

until the day we are called

to the banquet of eternal life.


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