The Offering of All the Masses Prayer

O Holy Father,

I offer you all the Masses celebrated

or to be celebrated throughout the whole Church this day,

so that through the Blood of Jesus Your Son,

and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary

laden with sorrows beneath the Cross,

You may deign to grant to the just

the great gift of perseverance,

to sinners the grace of a perfect conversion,

and to all the faithful,

and most of all me and my family,

at the last hour of life,

the grace of receiving the Holy Viaticum,

of being anointed with the holy oil,

and of dying a death precious in your sight.


Lord, all hearts are in Your hands.

You can bend as You will the most stubborn

and soften the most obdurate.

Do that honour this day to the Precious Blood,

the merits, the sacred Wounds, the holy Name,

and the loving Heart of Your beloved Son

by granting my requests.

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