The Prayer Be Sorry for Sins

O my God, I don't want to go to hell.

I know that because of my many sins I deserve to go there.

Help me get rid of my sins.

I don't want to lose my soul in everlasting torment,

without all happiness, banished from You forever.

Help me realize that I shall have to make up for my venial sins,

too, and that some of the punishment due to all sin,

even if we escape hell,

must be paid in purgatory.

Help me do some real penance to make up for my sins,

and get rid of part of my purgatory before I die.

O my God, now I see very clearly that I have not given You

the service that I owe You for so many reasons.

I have abused Your wonderful gifts,

using them to offend You who are so good and so lovable.

I sinned even in Your presence.

I saddened Your Heart at the very moment

when You were looking on me with perfect love.

I was so blind and ungrateful as to love creatures more than You, my creator,

who because You are infinitely good and lovable deserve all my love;

I preferred my own pleasure to doing Your will.

Pardon me, O my God,

for all the sins of my whole life.

I am sorry for them.

I hate them from the bottom of my heart because You hate them.

I beg of You, say to me, "Your sins are forgiven."

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