The Prayer Resolution of Amendment Before Holy Communion

I desire, O Lord,

earnestly longing for the help of Thy grace,

to renew all my baptismal vows to Thee,

to renounce all that displeaseth Thee,

and to walk more perfectly in newness of life.

I renounce the devil and all his works and pomps,

the glory of the world with all its covetous desires,

all sinful excesses in things lawful,

and whatever may lead my heart from Thee

or hinder my duty towards Thee;

also, I renounce all the sinful lusts of the flesh,

with everything in thought, word, or deed,

which displeaseth Thee, especially ...,

from all which let it be Thy good pleasure to deliver me,

and to turn the whole stream of my affections to the love of Thee,

that Thy will and thy love may be the sole rule and guide of my life,

and I may love whatever Thou lovest,

and hate whatever Thou hatest.


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