The Prayer of Aspirations to Jesus


Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

Christ conquers!

Christ reigns!

Christ orders!

O Lord, increase our faith.

Stay with us, O Lord.

Sacred heart of Jesus,

have mercy on us.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved in every place.

Sweet Heart of Jesus,

grant that I may love Thee ever more.

O Lord, may we be of one mind in truth

and of one heart in charity.

O Lord, save us, we are perishing.

My Lord and my God!

Heart of Jesus,

I put my trust in Thee.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,

I believe in Thy Love for me.

All for Thee,

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Sacred Heart of Jesus,

mayest Thou be known, loved, and imitated.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,

protect our families.

Sweet Heart of Jesus,

be my love.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,

burning with love for us,

may the whole world burn with love of You.

O, Heart of my dear Redeemer,

may the love of Your friends make amends

for all the injuries and neglects which You sustain.

Let us, with Mary Immaculate,

adore, thank, pray to, and console

the Most Sacred and Well-Beloved Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus

and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

be praised, adored, and glorified

every day throughout the world forever.

Come, O Lord, and tarry not.

O, Jesus, the Friend of the little children,

bless and protect all the children of the world.

Seat of Wisdom,

pray for us.

Wisdom of the Sacred Head,

guide me in all my ways.

Love of the Sacred Heart,

consume me with Thy fire.

May the Most Blessed Sacrament be praised and adored forever!

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