The Prayer the Seven Offerings of the Precious Blood

Eternal Father, we offer you the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ,

poured out on the cross and offered daily on the altar:

For the glory of your name,

for the coming of your kingdom

and for the salvation of all.

For the propagation of faith,

for Pope N., for bishops,

priests, and religious

and for the sanctification of all the people of God.

For the conversion of sinners,

for the loving acceptance of your Word,

and for the union of all Christians.

For civil authorities,

for the strengthening of public morals,

and for peace and justice among all nations.

For the santification of our work and suffering,

for the poor, sick and afflicted,

and for all who rely on our prayers.

For our own spiritual and temporal needs,

for those of our relatives, benefactors,

and also for those of our enemies.

For those who are to die this day,

for the souls in purgatory,

and for our final union with Christ in Glory.

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