The Prayer, Offering According to the Four Great Ends of Sacririce

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the sacrifice which Thy beloved Son,

our blessed Redeemer, made of Himself on the cross

and now renews on this altar.

I offer it in union with all the Masses

which have been said and which shall be said throughout the whole world,

for all the intentions and interests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

in praise and adoration of Thy supreme majesty;

in thanksgiving for the numberless benefits

which Thy Divine mercy has conferred upon me;

in reparation for my offences

and in atonement for the sins of all mankind;

finally, in humble supplication for my temporal and eternal welfare,

for the wants of our holy Mother the Church,

for the conversion of sinners,

for the propagation of the Faith,

and for relief of the souls in purgatory.


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