The Prayer, The Golden Sequence

Come, holy Ghost, and bring from above

The splendor of thy light.

Come, father of the poor, come, giver of graces,

Come, light of our hearts.

Best of consolers, sweet guest of the soul,

And comfort of the weary.

Thou rest in labor, relief in burning toil,

Consoling us in sorrow.

O blessed light, fill the innermost hearts

Of those who trust in thee.

Without thy indwelling there is nothing in man,24

And nothing free of sin.

Cleanse what is sordid, give water in dryness,

And heal the bleeding wounds.

Bend what is proud, make warm what is cold,

Bring back the wayward soul.

Give to the faithful who trustingly beg thee

Thy seven holy gifts.

Grant virtue's reward, salvation in death,

And everlasting joy.



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