The Prayer, the Word of God

"Those who love me I also love,

and those who seek me find me.

With me are riches and honor,

enduring wealth and prosperity.

My fruit is better than gold,

yes, than pure gold,

and my revenue than choice silver."

[Proverbs 8:17-19]

"O children, listen to me;

instruction and wisdom do not reject!

Happy the man who obeys me,

and happy those who keep my ways."

[Proverbs 8:32-33]

"We know that when the earthly tent

in which we dwell is destroyed

we have a dwelling provided for us by God,

a dwelling in the heavens,

not made by hands but to last forever."

[2 Corinthians 5:1]

"All glorious is the King's daughter as she enters;

her raiment is threaded with spun gold."

[Psalm 45:14]

"She is the redulgence of eternal light,

the spotless mirror of the power of God,

the image of His goodness."

[Wisdom 7:26]

"Can a mother forget her infant,

be without tenderness for the child of her womb?

Even should she forget,

I will never forget you."

[Isaiah 49:15]

"The wine ran out,

and Jesus' Mother... instructed those waiting on table,

"Do whatever he tells you."

[John 2:3-5]

"Happy the man watching daily at my gates...

for he who finds me finds life,

and wins favor from the Lord."

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